An Air Traffic Control Service, regulated by the CAA, is provided during the following times 0800-1800 hours UTC summer and 0900-1700 hours UTC winter. The ATC service is provided in accordance with the procedures and guidelines set out in the Manual of Air Traffic Services (MATS) Part 1 and the Redhill MATS Part 2.

Air Traffic Control Unit

TWR 119.605 MHz callsign "Redhill Tower."

ATIS 125.305 MHz, or telephone 01737 822947, callsign "Redhill Information." Outside ATC hours the ATIS broadcasts AUTO METARs.

The ATC Unit can be contacted by email or telephone: 01737 821802 (Operational calls only). For general enquiries tel:01737 823377 (office hours).

Please note that ATC are unable to take details of flying complaints. Flying complaints must be made to 01737 888123.